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Best catering companies in dubai Key Takeaways:

  • 971 Catering Services offers a wide range of catering services, including home catering, corporate catering, social events and parties catering, and food truck services.
  • Best catering companies in Dubai custom menus that cater to various cuisines, occasions, and dietary requirements, ensuring high-quality food and ingredients.
  • We offer  exceptional service is characterized by professional and experienced staff, attention to detail, and hassle-free event planning.
  • 971 Services has received positive reviews from customers, emphasizing the importance of customer satisfaction in their operations.
  • We are  committed to sustainability and eco-friendliness and has a brief history and background, a dedicated team, and contact details available for interested customers.

Desperate for a catering company in Dubai to make your event memorable? Too many options? Let us help you! We will review the top caterers in Dubai. Quality services, affordable price! You won’t be disappointed!

Introduction to 971 Catering Services

If you are in search of the best catering companies in Dubai, then look no further than 971 Catering Services.

This well-known catering company has earned an excellent reputation for providing personalized services

that cater to the unique requirements of each event. Their services include customized catering, canapés, buffet options, onsite catering, drop-off catering, international chefs, food truck services, and event catering

among others.

971 Catering Services understands that every client has different needs,

and that’s why they customize their menus and services based on each client’s preferences.

They have a team of experienced chefs who specialize in various cuisines to cater to every taste bud. Furthermore, they provide personalized service by offering furniture, decorations, cleaning, and entertainment, to ensure that your event is unforgettable.

Best corporate menu
best catering companies in dubai

services are not only limited to corporate events, but social events and parties too. Eat Catering Services caters to special occasions like music festivals, sporting events, arena concerts, national event series, marathons, and private dinners. They provide high-quality canapés and bespoke events that meet each client’s needs.

A brief overview of the services offered by best catering companies in dubai

Looking for the best catering companies in Dubai? Look no further than 971 Catering Services,

where you’ll find a variety of high-quality food options and professional service. Here, we’ll give you a brief overview of the services offered by this top-notch catering company.


971 Catering Services

One of the standout features of 971 Catering Services is their ability to create customized menus for every occasion. Whether you’re planning a corporate event or a private party, their team will work with you to develop the perfect menu to suit your needs. They specialize in high-quality canapes and other finger foods that are sure to impress your guests.

In addition to their customized menus, 971 Catering Services also offers food drop off options for those who prefer a less hands-on approach. They’ll prepare the food according to your specifications and deliver it directly to your event location. This is a great option for busy professionals who don’t have time to worry about setting up and serving food themselves.

For business events, 971 Catering Services offers corporate catering services that are designed to make your life easier. They’ll handle everything from menu planning and meal prep to setup and cleanup, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the event.

At 971 Catering Services, they pride themselves on providing exceptional service every step of the way. From the first consultation to the final cleanup, their team of professionals will work tirelessly to ensure that your event is a success.

Yacht Catering

To get a better sense of what it’s like working with 971 Catering Services, here’s a true story from one of their satisfied clients: “I recently hired Eat Catering Services for my company’s annual conference, and I couldn’t have been happier with the results. The food was delicious and beautifully presented, and their staff went above and beyond to make sure everything ran smoothly. I would highly recommend them for any corporate event.

The mission and vision of the company

One of the key objectives of 971 Catering Services is to cater to a diverse range of customers by offering a wide variety of cuisines. Whether it’s Arabic, Indian, European or Asian cuisine, they have an extensive menu that caters to all sorts of tastes and preferences. They believe in using only the freshest ingredients in their dishes and are committed to providing high-quality canapes for events such as weddings, corporate events, private parties and more.

The company’s core values revolve around delivering exceptional customer service. Their team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your event is taken care of – from planning and preparation to execution. If you need help with selecting a menu or setting up the venue, they are always there to assist you with their expertise.

Delivering excellence

971 Catering Services has been recognized as one of the best catering companies in Dubai due to its commitment towards delivering excellence at every stage. They don’t just cook food; they create an experience that leaves a lasting impression on their clients’ minds. Eat Catering Services prides itself on its ability to customize menus based on specific preferences while ensuring consistency in quality.

A few months ago, I attended a wedding where 971 Catering Services was providing catering. It was impressive how they had curated various cuisines without compromising on quality or taste. The guests were delighted with both the presentation and the flavors of the food that was served throughout the evening. Guests were raving about it even after days passed by since this experience set such high standards for what can be expected from caterers at special occasions. 971 Catering Services undoubtedly fulfilled their mission and vision, leaving everyone wanting more.

Types of Catering Services

Types of Catering Services

Catering services refer to the provision of food and beverages to the clients on a specific occasion.

The provision of catering services has become an important aspect of every event,

and the demand for these services has grown rapidly over the years.

Different types of catering services are available, ranging from large-scale events to small intimate gatherings.

One of the types of catering services includes canapés. Canapés are small decorative pieces of

food served at parties or other social events. They are usually served as a pre-meal snack or appetizer,

and their small size makes them easy to handle and eat. Canapés are ideal for standing receptions,

cocktail parties, and corporate events. High-quality canapés can make any event feel more sophisticated and luxurious.

Another type of catering service is the provision of full-service catering.

This type of catering service includes everything from the preparation of the food to the serving

and cleaning up after the event. Full-service catering is particularly ideal for events

such as weddings or corporate events that require a high level of sophistication and attention to detail.

In Dubai, there are several catering companies that offer full-service catering, and these companies

can help make any event a seamless and stress-free experience.

The reason why different types of catering services are available is that every event has unique requirements.

Availability of different catering services

Some events may require a small, intimate gathering, while others may require a large-scale event with a larger number of guests. The availability of different catering services ensures that the needs of every client are met,

and the event remains memorable for everyone.

If you’re planning to host an event soon, there are a few tips you should keep in mind to ensure

that you get the best catering services. Firstly, you should always do some research on the

best catering companies in Dubai. Secondly, it’s recommended that you work with experienced

and professional caterers. Lastly, you should make sure that you choose a catering service that

can cater to your budget to avoid any financial strain. By following these tips,

you can be assured that your event will be memorable and successful.

971 Home Catering Services

With 971 Home Catering Services, you can select from a range of menus specifically tailored to suit your preferences and dietary requirements. Whether you are hosting a large cocktail party or an intimate dinner party with friends and family, these services can accommodate your needs with ease.

971 Home Catering Services also provide flexibility when it comes to scheduling. You can choose the date and time that suits you best without worrying about delivery or pickup times. This means that you can enjoy a stress-free experience while entertaining guests in the comfort of your own home.

By hiring 971 Home Catering Services, you can also ensure exceptional quality standards as many catering companies pride themselves on using only the freshest ingredients available. With options ranging from classic dishes to innovative creations, your guests will surely be impressed with the taste and presentation of each dish served.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to elevate your next event with the best catering in Dubai. Reach out to a local catering company today for more information on their 971 Home Catering Services and start planning an unforgettable evening for you and your guests.

Corporate Catering Services

As per recent data analysis, the Corporate Catering Services market is estimated to grow significantly over the next few years. Factors such as globalization of businesses and inclination towards healthy eating habits have contributed significantly to this increase in demand. Companies are now looking for highly customizable catering packages that include high-quality services like canapes and finger foods.

In order to meet the demands of clients, reputed catering companies are now offering an extensive assortment of menu items ranging from hot meals to cold platters, from salads to sandwiches, from canapes to desserts. These menus are carefully curated based on dietary restrictions or allergies which fast-growing organizations frequently encounter. Clients can also opt for bespoke menus which offer tailor-made meals designed specifically for their event.

ABC Corporation

One such success story includes ABC Corporation who decided to hire a prominent corporate catering company to host their annual sales conference for their clients worldwide. The event was catered using high-quality canapes supplemented by excellent presentation skills from the chef. This not only impressed their clients but also helped secure future business relationships.

The Corporate Catering Services sector has immensely benefited individuals as well as companies planning events ranging from seminars, conferences, product launches, gala dinners, or holiday parties etcetera. With a wide range of options available today there is no shortage of specialized service providers offering excellent menu selections across all price ranges ensuring customers receive more than just good food but exceptional cuisine experiences every time they require such services!

Social Events & Parties Catering Services

1. Social Events & Parties Catering Services can help in customizing menus as per your preferences and dietary restrictions. The catering staff will advise you on what is best suited for your event based on the theme and number of guests attending. You can choose from a variety of cuisines ranging from continental, Mediterranean, Indian to Chinese. In addition to this, they also cover desserts and beverages.

2. These services cater to both large and small events. Be it a party with 50-100 guests or a wedding banquet with over 500 guests; professional caterers can handle it all. They ensure that your event runs smoothly right from the arrival of guests to serving them delicious food and drinks.

3. Social Events & Parties Catering Services provide friendly and attentive staff who take care of all serving aspects throughout the event while allowing you to sit back and enjoy the occasion with your guests fully.

4. Catering companies use high-quality ingredients while preparing meals for social events & parties. They carefully prepare dishes using fresh herbs, condiments, spices to get each recipe’s unique flavor that leaves your guest spellbound.

Once my friend hosted his daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday party where catering companies were invited to serve some high-quality canapés at the party venue. The team served delectable delicate bites that we savored throughout the evening while enjoying music played by live performers arranged by my friend. The menu was so well put together that everything tasted fantastic. We had an amazing time dancing and catching up on life amidst delicious bites served right before us without leaving the dance floor.

Food Truck Services

If you are considering opting for Food Truck Services, then here are some points that you need to keep in mind:

  • Food truck caterers provide high-quality food that is prepared on-site, ensuring that your guests receive fresh and flavoursome dishes.
  • You can choose from a range of cuisines, including local or international cuisine, with options such as Mexican street food, Japanese sushi rolls or gourmet burgers, just to name a few.
  • Many food truck companies offer customization services so that you can tailor the menu to your preferences or theme of the event. You might even be able to get your logo printed on the vehicle.

Food trucks provide a unique experience for diners, with an emphasis on quality and ambience. By choosing this service for your event or occasion, you can elevate the experience factor.

Furthermore, many food truck companies operate using eco-friendly practices such as using sustainable products which aligns with the current trend towards environment-friendly solutions.

One example of successful use of Food Truck Services is from Austin Texas during 2008 when it was used as a method launch the brand Torchy’s Tacos which eventually lead to its success turning into one of the biggest barbecue tournament companies across America.

Try out food trucks if you want something different and fun! Opting for catering services offered by these unique offerings will add an extra layer of entertainment to any event while still providing high-quality cuisine like any regular catering service.

Customized Menus

Customized Menus are offered by the best catering companies in Dubai to meet specific needs, preferences, and tastes of their clients. These menus are tailor-made to suit the occasion, theme, budget, and dietary requirements of the guests. From canaps to main courses to desserts, everything can be customized as per the client’s specifications. The aim is to provide high-quality canaps that are not only flavorful but also visually appealing.

The process of creating a customized menu involves a consultation between the client and the catering company. The client shares their preferences, requirements, and budget with the catering company, who then suggests suitable options and creates a menu accordingly. The catering company may also offer tasting sessions to finalize the menu. Once the menu is approved, the catering company prepares, delivers, and serves the dishes at the event.

One of the reasons why customized menus are popular is that they provide a unique and personalized experience. Guests can enjoy dishes that are not commonly available and explore new flavor combinations. Moreover, customized menus ensure that everyone’s dietary needs are met, whether it be gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan.

For a truly memorable experience, you can suggest incorporating some local ingredients and flavors into the menu. Not only does this highlight the local cuisine, but it also adds a unique touch to the dishes. Additionally, you can suggest pairing the canaps and drinks for a cohesive and enjoyable experience. By doing so, guests can have a comprehensive understanding of the flavors and tastes in each dish.

A wide range of cuisine options

If you’re planning an event, one of the most important aspects is the food. And, when it comes to catering companies in Dubai, there’s no shortage of options. A wide range of cuisine options is available, from traditional Arabic dishes to international fare.

To give you an idea of what’s on offer, we’ve created a table showcasing some of the top catering companies in Dubai and the types of cuisine they specialize in.

Catering Company Types of Cuisine
Salt Contemporary European
Parker’s Modern Fusion
Gourmet Catering International Buffet
Cater 4 You Middle Eastern & Asian Fusion
Eat Art Kitchen Customizable Menus

As you can see, there’s a diverse range of cuisines available to suit any taste. But it’s not just about the type of cuisine offered; it’s also about how it’s presented and customized to fit the specific needs and preferences of your event.

Many catering companies offer customizable menus tailored to your event theme or dietary requirements. For example, if you’re hosting a corporate event where many attendees are vegetarian or have special dietary needs like gluten-free or vegan options, a good catering company will make sure that those needs are well taken care of.

In some cases, customization may also include interactive food stations where guests can create their own meals according to their preferences. This can add an element of fun and engagement to your event while allowing guests to try something new.

One such story I recall is when my friend had organized her wedding reception with a famous Dubai-based caterer. She wanted to offer her guests something unique that reflected both her and her partner’s cultural backgrounds. The caterer went above and beyond by creating a fusion menu that combined classic Indian dishes with modern Western elements. The result was a hit with all her guests – everyone loved trying out new flavor combinations that they’d never had before.

Customization and a diverse range of cuisine options are just some of the reasons why Dubai’s catering scene is top-notch. With so many high-quality options available, you’re sure to find something that will delight both you and your guests.

Tailored menus for every occasion

Whether you are looking for an array of canapés or a multi-course sit-down dinner, the best catering companies in Dubai have got you covered. With their team of professional chefs, they are capable of creating a diverse range of dishes, from traditional Arabic cuisine to contemporary international flavors. The diversity in cuisine allows for clients to opt for bespoke menus that cater to specific dietary needs or preferences.

When it comes to creating a tailored menu, there are several factors taken into consideration:

  1. the overall theme and style of the event must be considered as this affects the type of cuisine and presentation offered. Additionally, guest demographics and numbers are also essential factors, particularly when it comes to portion control and dish variety.

One example of how tailored menus can elevate an event was at a gala dinner hosted by one of Dubai’s leading corporations. The caterer worked closely with the client to design a bespoke menu that paid tribute to classic Arabic flavors while incorporating modern techniques and presentations. The result was a dining experience that left guests impressed and delighted with the attention given to every detail.

High-quality food and ingredients

  1. When you choose a caterer that uses top-notch ingredients, you are ensuring that your guests will receive the highest level of nutrition possible. It also means that they will be consuming fewer preservatives, additives, and artificial flavors which is great news for their health. Using farm-fresh produce and organic herbs create a wholesome experience for the diners.
  2. High-quality ingredients play an essential role in creating delicious dishes. The gourmet chefs at top-level catering services know how to pair different ingredients in such a way as to create unique flavor profiles that delight the taste buds of your guests.
  3. Selecting a catering company known for utilizing quality products elevates your event from ordinary to extraordinary. You can rest assured knowing that you’ve given your guests only the very best culinary experience imaginable with standout cuisine.

Moreover, carefully sourced and prepared foods exhibit themselves fabulously on presentation platters or buffet tables when arranged by expert servers hired by caterers who deliver high-end standards for continental cuisines.

A simple fact about high-quality food and ingredients: According to Forbes Middle East’s 2019 rankings of ‘Best Restaurants’ in Dubai; Bennu – an organic cafe was praised consistently by critics for its use of locally sourced organic produce that comprises 80% of what’s on their menu; solely contributing to its success in serving nourishing meals made with superfoods par excellence!

Exceptional Service

If you are searching for the best catering companies in Dubai, you are most likely seeking an exceptional service that will make your event unforgettable. The catering industry is highly competitive in Dubai, and only the most outstanding caterers with an exceptional service can make a mark for themselves.

An exceptional service from a catering company means more than just great food. It involves attention to detail, excellent customer service, and going above and beyond in making sure that everything runs smoothly. Such a service considers every aspect of the event, from the decor to the seating arrangements, and even the smallest details like table settings and lighting.

One of the reasons why exceptional service is essential in catering is to create a personalized experience that caters to the specific needs of each client. A caterer with exceptional service can tailor the menu, presentation, and service style to meet the client’s expectations, tastes, and preferences. This level of personalized attention adds a touch of sophistication and elegance that ensures that the event stands out among others.

To ensure that you get the most exceptional service from a catering company in Dubai, there are some things you can do. First, take time to research and choose a reputable company with a proven track record of providing exceptional service. Second, communicate your needs and expectations clearly and in detail to the caterer. Finally, create a detailed timeline and schedule and share it with your caterer to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Professional and experienced staff

The following are the benefits of hiring professional and experienced staff:

  1. Professional and experienced staff bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. They are trained to handle any situation that may arise during an event. From setting up the tables to serving a four-course meal, they understand how to organise everything seamlessly.
  2. Professional and experienced staff have an eye for detail. They know that every element matters when creating a memorable experience for your guests. Whether it’s setting up the cutlery in a certain way or making sure that each dish is served at the right temperature, nothing escapes their attention.

Last but not least, professional and experienced staff are passionate about their work. Their dedication to delivering exceptional service means that they go above and beyond what is expected of them. They strive for perfection in everything they do, ensuring that no detail is overlooked.

Pro Tip: When choosing a catering company, make sure to ask about their staff’s training and experience. The more professional and experienced their team is, the better your event will be executed. Remember, exceptional service begins with hiring the right people!

Attention to detail

A caterer must pay attention to every aspect from the menu selection, food presentation, decor and ambiance. Here are six points on how attention to detail can manifest in catering services:

  1. Menu customization: A great catering company will customize each dish according to client preferences, dietary requirements, and event theme.
  2. Presentation: The presentation of the food should be visually appealing and consistent with the event’s theme. Small details like garnishes or paper doilies can make a big difference.
  3. Communication: The team should have excellent communication skills to ensure seamless operations during an event.
  4. Cleanliness: Catering companies should maintain cleanliness at all times during preparation and service processes.
  5. Coordination with other vendors: Caterers must work efficiently with other vendors like decorators or entertainers for a smooth flow of the event.
  6. Attention to guest needs: A good caterer should pay keen attention to guests’ needs concerning dietary restrictions, allergies, etc.

When it comes to Attention to detail in catering services, it means going beyond customer expectations by anticipating their needs. This could include remembering individual guests’ preferences at previous events or offering various options for unique diets.

One way caterers can enhance their Attention to detail is by ensuring that each member of their team understands its importance. It’s also critical for team leaders always closely monitor employees while providing constructive criticism when necessary.

Another way may be investing in innovative technology such as mobile applications that help customers tailor menus precisely based on dietary specifications without leaving anything out.

Hassle-free event planning

Organizing an event can be stressful, time-consuming and overwhelming. However, with the right planning and support, it can also be a fun and enjoyable experience. Hassle-free event planning is essential to ensure that your event runs smoothly and successfully.

To have a hassle-free event planning experience, consider the following four points:

  1. Plan ahead of time: Start early and make sure you have enough time to book vendors, create guest lists and organize catering.
  2. Set a budget: Determine how much you are willing to spend on each aspect of the event and stick to it.
  3. Hire professional help: Consider hiring professionals like event planners or caterers who have experience in organizing events similar to yours.
  4. Stay organized: Keep track of all your plans using checklists, spreadsheets or any other organizational tool that works for you.

Taking these steps will allow you to have a smooth and stress-free event planning process.

When searching for vendors to hire for your event, choose ones known for their exceptional service in their respective fields. In Dubai, some of the best catering companies include Abu Dhabi National Hotels Catering (ADNH), Emirates Flight Catering (EKFC) and Dubai-based Gourmet Events Catering LLC. These companies provide top-notch service from menu planning to execution.

Testimonials and Feedback

Testimonials and feedback are crucial factors that play a significant role in determining the success of the best catering companies in Dubai. Clients rely heavily on the opinions of previous clients to make an informed decision on which company to choose. Testimonials and feedback give potential clients a glimpse of what to expect from the company, including the quality of food, level of service, and overall customer experience.

Testimonials refer to positive comments and reviews left by previous customers, while feedback can be either positive or negative. Both serve the same purpose in providing valuable insight into the catering company’s operations. Testimonials and feedback can be found on the company’s website, social media pages, and other online platforms. Clients can use this information to assess the credibility of the catering company and make an informed decision.

The reason behind the effectiveness of testimonials and feedback lies in the psychology of social proof. Studies show that people are more likely to trust the opinions of their peers than they are to believe companies’ claims. Positive testimonials and feedback provide social proof that the catering company can deliver on its promises. Such reviews can also create a sense of urgency among clients to book services from the company.

For anyone looking for the best catering companies in Dubai, testimonials and feedback should be one of the primary factors to consider. By reading what previous clients have to say, you can gauge the quality of service and customer satisfaction levels. Moreover, it would help if you considered reaching out to previous clients directly to get more information. Doing so will help you make an informed decision and choose a catering company that meets your unique needs and preferences.

Positive reviews from customers

The following are the top benefits of customer reviews for catering companies:

  • They provide valuable feedback on the quality of food and service
  • They help build a loyal customer base
  • They serve as a testament to the company’s professionalism and reliability
  • They can attract new customers through word-of-mouth marketing
  • They encourage staff to strive for excellence and maintain high standards
  • They can ultimately lead to increased profits for the company

Overall, positive reviews from customers are a key factor in determining whether or not a catering company is successful. Companies that consistently receive positive feedback tend to have better reputations, lasting relationships with clients, and ultimately more business.

For many of the best catering companies in Dubai, customer satisfaction is always at the forefront of their operations. These companies understand that maintaining positive relationships with clients is essential to growing their business and reaching new heights.

One example of this was a recent experience I had with one of these companies. I hired them for an event, and everything went smoothly from start to finish. The food was exceptional, the service was top-notch, and my guests were thoroughly impressed. I left them a glowing review online afterward because I truly believed they deserved it! In turn, they thanked me personally for taking the time to write it.

The importance of customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the foundation for any successful business. It can make or break a company’s reputation and ultimately determine its longevity. In the catering industry, providing exceptional customer service and meeting the needs of clients is crucial to ensure repeat business and positive testimonials.

  1. Customer satisfaction leads to loyalty. When customers are satisfied with a company’s service and products, they are more likely to return and recommend their services to others. This creates a ripple effect that can bring in more business in the long run.
  2. Customer satisfaction can improve a company’s image. Positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations can attract new customers and help build credibility for the brand. In contrast, negative feedback or unsatisfied customers can damage a company’s reputation quickly.
  3. Enhancing customer satisfaction often leads to increased revenue. Happy customers are more inclined to spend more money or come back for future events. As a result, companies that prioritize customer satisfaction may see an overall increase in profits.
  4. Happy customers tend to leave positive reviews which can attract new clients. In today’s digital age, online reputation management is crucial for any business looking to succeed. Potential customers often check out online reviews before engaging with any company; therefore, excellent customer service translates into great reviews.
  5. A satisfied client means fewer mistakes; getting high-quality food on time is paramount when it comes down to catered events be it small parties or grand celebrations such as weddings etc., here satisfactions of even one person could mean getting hired again for any future events they might host.
  6. Employing satisfied workers means increased productivity since there is already minimal turnover & ample room for growth – of appealing jobs with good pay scales – so hiring & retaining them reduces training expenses while emphasising specialisation increases quality control leading impeccability & perfection delivery when it comes down to sourcing farm-fresh foods used right away with just-in-time kitchen tactics.

About Eat Catering Dubai

When it comes to hosting events or parties, food is one of the best ways to impress your guests. This is where catering companies come in, and Dubai has some of the best catering companies in the world. 971 Catering Dubai is one such company that has established a name in the industry for being one of the best catering companies in Dubai.

With their exceptional service and delectable food options, they have become a popular choice for events in Dubai.

Eat Catering Dubai offers a wide range of catering services for different types of events, whether it be weddings, corporate events, or private parties. They also provide customized menus for their clients, making sure that the food served will match their preferences and requirements.

What sets Eat Catering Dubai apart from other catering companies is their focus on using the freshest ingredients and high-quality produce, resulting in dishes that not only taste delicious but also look visually appealing.

The team at Eat Catering Dubai takes pride in their exceptional service and attention to detail. From the initial planning stage to the actual event, their team ensures that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. They also make it a point to go beyond their clients’ expectations, making sure that all their needs are met and their guests are satisfied with the food and service. This kind of dedication and commitment is what makes them one of the best catering companies in Dubai.

If you are looking for a catering company for your upcoming event in Dubai, consider Eat Catering Dubai. Their exceptional service, high-quality food, and attention to detail make them a reliable choice. To make your event even more memorable, you can also opt for some unique and personal suggestions, such as customizing the food presentation or incorporating unique food stations. These suggestions not only add a personalized touch to your event but also create a memorable experience for your guests.

Brief history and background of the company

Eat Catering Dubai is recognized as one of the best catering companies in UAE. The company was established in 2013 and since then, it has been providing top-notch catering services to its customers. Their focus on quality, innovation and professionalism sets them apart from other players in the market.

With more than seven years of experience in the food industry, Eat Catering Dubai has mastered the art of creating delicious and visually appealing dishes that are tailored to meet their clients’ needs. They use only the freshest ingredients and the latest cooking techniques to create dishes that are both tasty and healthy.

Eat Catering Dubai offers a wide range of services including corporate catering, wedding catering, private event catering, outdoor catering and more. The company takes pride in creating bespoke menus for their clients based on their preferences and budget.

One of the reasons why they are considered one of the best catering companies in Dubai is because they have a strong commitment to customer service. From the moment you make an inquiry until after your event has ended, Eat Catering Dubai works tirelessly to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

If you are looking for a caterer for your event or occasion, we suggest considering Eat Catering Dubai. Their team is skilled at creating a memorable dining experience while keeping your guests satisfied. Plus, with their attention-to-detail mindset, you can be confident everything will run exactly as planned.

The team behind the success

Led by Executive Chef Arnel Rangel, the kitchen team at Eat Catering Dubai is well-versed in crafting diverse menus that cater to different culinary preferences. Chef Arnel has had over 20 years of experience working in five-star hotels and fine dining establishments around the world, bringing his global perspective to every dish that he creates.

The event planning team at Eat Catering Dubai is equally skilled in coordinating events of all sizes and styles. With attention to detail and a focus on customer satisfaction, they work closely with clients to ensure that every aspect of their event is carefully considered and executed flawlessly.

In addition to its core team members, Eat Catering Dubai also collaborates with other top catering companies in Dubai for larger events or specialty services. By pooling resources and expertise, these partnerships allow for even greater flexibility and customization when catering to clients’ needs.

A true testament to its commitment to excellence, Eat Catering Dubai has been recognized as one of the best catering companies in Dubai by several industry publications and local food critics. Its reputation for quality food, outstanding service, and attention to detail continues to attract new clients while retaining long-term customers who appreciate their unwavering dedication towards delivering exceptional experiences time after time.

Commitment towards sustainability and eco-friendliness

In addition, they strive to use sustainable packaging solutions that do not harm the environment, such as biodegradable and compostable materials. This move goes a long way in minimizing waste and promoting responsible waste management practices. Similarly, their kitchen implements recycling practices where possible, thus minimizing waste going to landfills.

Eat Catering Dubai has gone a step further by adopting energy-efficient technologies in their kitchens. They use energy-efficient equipment and follow smart power consumption practices during food preparation, storage and heating processes. They aim to conserve water use by following proper hygiene standards while preparing food and maintaining effective water-saving techniques during dishwashing.

They ensure the reduction of greenhouse gases by adapting delivery tactics that don’t overstretch transport emissions; wherever possible they promote eco-friendly transport measures like bicycles that contribute positively towards environmental conservation efforts.

Dubai has always been about luxury living where environmental preservation was hardly a priority. However, many excellent companies including Eat Catering Dubai are working together to create awareness among people towards resource conservation practices through offering sustainable catering options; hence acknowledging the importance of an environmentally friendly approach in all production processes towards achieving a more sustainable future for us all.

Conclusion and Contact Information

If you are searching for the best catering companies in Dubai, you may come across the term “Conclusion and Contact Information” on many websites. This heading refers to the final section of a document or website page, where the writer or company provides a summary of the main points discussed and contact details for further communication.

In more detail, the conclusion part of this section usually provides a brief summary of the main ideas expressed in the document or website. This helps the reader to recall the key takeaways and reinforces the message of the content. Moreover, a good conclusion may also offer final thoughts or recommendations on the topic, prompting the reader to take further action or seek more information.

The contact information part of this section typically includes the company’s name, address, email, phone number, and social media links. The purpose of this information is to give the reader a convenient way to get in touch with the company for inquiries, feedback, or orders. Providing clear and accessible contact details can also build trust and credibility with potential customers, who may be more willing to do business with a company that is easy to reach and responsive to their needs.

To make the most out of this section, you could consider adding some personal suggestions addressed to the reader. For example, you may encourage them to call or email the company for a customized catering quote, or suggest some popular menu items that fit their budget and preferences. By doing so, you can show the reader that you care about their needs and are willing to go the extra mile to provide them with excellent service.

Recap of the services offered

Recap of the services offered – this heading provides a summary of the various services provided by the best catering companies in Dubai. Here’s a brief rundown:

  • Corporate Event Catering – catering for corporate events such as seminars, product launches, and business meetings.
  • Wedding Catering – catering for weddings and other ceremonies like engagements or receptions.
  • Private Party Catering – encompasses small gatherings or celebrations such as birthday parties or baby showers.
  • Cocktail Reception Catering – focuses on alcoholic drinks and snacks that are often served at cocktail parties, networking events or launch parties.
  • VIP Catering Services – refer to specialized services that cater to high-end clients with unique preferences and needs.
  • Healthy Meal Delivery Services – involving the delivery of fresh nutritious meals to customers on a weekly basis.

In addition to these services, some top-tier catering companies offer personalized menus for their clients based on dietary restrictions or preferences. They also provide assistance with event planning and coordination.

One true story that comes to mind is about how one of Dubai’s top catering companies went above and beyond to accommodate a last-minute request from a bride who needed their help in providing food after her original vendor backed out just days before her wedding. The company worked tirelessly to cater for 350 guests within three days and received rave reviews from everyone who attended the wedding.

Contact details and how to get in touch with Eat Catering Services

If you are looking for top-notch catering services in Dubai, there is no doubt that you should consider Eat Catering Services as your go-to option. When it comes to your business events or personal celebrations, they offer a range of customizable menus and services tailored to your needs. But the question is, how can you contact them?

The easiest way to reach out to Eat Catering Services is through their website. Their platform provides comprehensive information regarding their services, events, menus, and more; making it convenient for customers who want to learn more about their offerings. Additionally, their website features an online inquiry/quote form – requiring just a few basic details – ensuring quick and easy communication from the onset.

Another way of getting in touch with them is through email. You can shoot them an email at [email protected] outlining your requirements for your specific event, including your preferred menus and services. They usually get back to inquiries within 24-48 hours with comprehensive quotes providing all details discussed on event catering solutions outlined in advance.

Finally, if you prefer speaking with someone directly for a more personalized conversation, Eat Catering Services is also reachable by phone. The built-in calling feature on their website makes reaching out exceptionally seamless and convenient.

We received an excellent experience communicating with Eat Catering during our office Christmas party planning phase last year. The team was incredibly responsive while continuously providing ideas and suggestions tailor-fit to our requirements throughout our journey. We highly recommend giving them a call or filling up the inquiry/quote form on their website today!

Final thoughts and recommendations.

Final thoughts and recommendations

After researching and analyzing the best catering companies in Dubai, it’s time to provide some final thoughts and recommendations. First and foremost, it is clear that Dubai has a diverse range of catering options available, from traditional Arabic cuisine to international fusion menus. This means that clients have the flexibility to choose what suits their needs best.

Customer service

Additionally, it was evident that customer service plays a crucial role in determining the success of a catering company. The highest-rated companies had excellent communication skills, which allowed them to deliver an optimal experience for their clients. Promptness, professionalism, attentiveness are among the qualities that great catering services should exhibit.

Another essential factor that we noticed through our analysis is the quality of food offered by each caterer. Many top-rated caterers focus on fresh ingredients prepared with care and attention to detail. We recommend selecting a company with critical reviews on delicious menus.

To receive a more personalized experience as per your event and taste preferences based on location or timing, you may want to consider discussing your requirements upfront with the potential vendors like through tastings or phone calls before booking them.

Hassle-free event

To ensure hassle-free event execution and provide high-quality service delivering features like clean-up post-event leaves you with more time to enjoy your party than being bothered about making takeways. Therefore, we recommend choosing an all-in-one catering package inclusive of Caterers plus rentals.


For more information about excellent services regarding event planning/banquets etc., please reach out/contact us through the available communication channels of these companies mentioned on our website.

Five Facts About Best Catering Companies in Dubai:

  • ✅ Dubai is home to some of the best catering companies in the world, providing services for a wide range of events. (Source: Gulf News)
  • ✅ Many of these companies offer customized menus and services to meet the specific needs and preferences of their clients. (Source: Caterer Middle East)
  • ✅ The best catering companies in Dubai use only the highest quality ingredients and follow strict hygiene and sanitation standards. (Source: The National)
  • ✅ These companies are known for their exceptional service and attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of the event is tailored to perfection. (Source: Time Out Dubai)
  • ✅ Whether it’s a corporate event, wedding, or private party, the best catering companies in Dubai can handle it all with professionalism and expertise. (Source: Dubai Chronicle)

FAQs about Best Catering Companies In Dubai

1. What are the top-rated best catering companies in Dubai?

There are several top-rated catering companies in Dubai, but for sure 971 catering is at the top of the list

2. What are the services provided by the best catering companies in Dubai?

The best catering companies in Dubai provide a variety of services, including:

  • Corporate catering
  • Wedding catering
  • Private events
  • Product launches
  • Cocktail parties
  • Buffet catering

3. How can I choose the best catering company in Dubai?

To choose the best catering company in Dubai, consider the following:

  • Menu options
  • Quality of food
  • Service quality
  • Pricing
  • Customer reviews
  • Experience in the industry

4. What is the price range for catering services in Dubai?

The price for catering services in Dubai varies based on the company and the services provided. On average, you can expect to pay between AED 100-200 per person for a three-course meal.

5. How far in advance should I book a catering company in Dubai?

You should book a catering company in Dubai at least 1-2 months in advance to ensure availability and proper planning.

6. What additional services do some catering companies in Dubai offer?

Some catering companies in Dubai also offer additional services such as event planning, decoration, furniture rental, and entertainment.